Increase In COVID Fraud Activities Is Concerning the USA Says John LeBlanc of Manatt

Paid medical care also leads to fraud, and this reality is the new truth of the USA today. With the increase in detection, testing, treatment, and vaccination, scams, and misdeeds in the nation have increased. The matter is deeply concerning as with the surge in disease and prevention, the cases of COVID fraud have increased too.

According to a healthcare expert in the USA, John LeBlanc, who is a nationally healthcare lawyer with credible healthcare law from Manatt LLP, the above trend is certainly not a pretty sight. He takes the reference of a U.S Acting Assistant Attorney General who said in the month of March said, “To anyone thinking of using the global pandemic as an opportunity to scam and steal from hardworking Americans, my advice is simple—don’t.”

As the efforts to vaccinate people persist, he says that both the federal and state law enforcement agencies are working very hard to investigate and prosecute offenders involved in COVID-19 related healthcare fraud in the land. 

John LeBlanc of Manatt is based in the Los Angeles office of Manatt and has more than 28 years of valuable experience, primarily focusing on regulatory matters and litigation that has affected the managed care and health industries in the USA. He has represented several of the country’s prominent insurers and health plans, including the biggest not-for-profit healthcare service plan based in California. He represents some of the leading trade associations of the health insurance industry as well.

Medical supplies are being counterfeited 

He says there are reports of medical supplies being counterfeited in the USA, which is a grave problem. The development in this area is very bad and comes at a time when health concerns are on a high. COVID-19 vaccines that have been counterfeited worldwide have been detected, and the practice will worsen with the rollout of vaccination, he says. 

Counterfeit medicals are being detected across the world

In April, Pfizer Inc. identified the first confirmed instances of counterfeit versions of its vaccine in Mexico and Poland. And as businesses make return-to-work plans and schools welcome back students, knowing how to spot counterfeit medical supplies may prove critical so that only authentic medical supplies are used to combat the spread of COVID-19.” He adds, “Vaccine hesitancy and the possibility of vaccine mandates in the education, work, and travel spheres have already generated schemes to manufacture and distribute counterfeit COVID-19 vaccination cards—schemes that may result in prosecutions.”

John LeBlanc of Manatt concludes by saying that just as the government both develops and distributes helpful and good assistance to the medical establishment for dealing with the global pandemic, those who cheat on the system are what Deep Throat suggested in the Watergate- follow the money. Practitioners and patients will be well-advised to be aware of those looking to cheat the system and those who intend to illicitly place the government’s money in their pockets.