Surprising Facts about How to Use CBD Oil for Dogs

Man’s best ally deserves the most effective as it pertains to their nutrition and overall well-being. Whether your fur baby is a sizable breed such as a German shepherd or a small breed such as a Chihuahua, their health is of the utmost importance, as with any other member of your family. So, what other nutritional supplements are available for our dogs besides a healthy and balanced diet?

If you are a normal user of CBD supplements, you might be surprised that we now have CBD products designed specifically for our animals. CBD oil for pets gets the same potential benefits as CBD oil does for you and me. Pet CBD products are formulated especially for animals, using digestive-friendly carrier oils and pet-friendly flavors. If you have not yet explored this possibility to experience the possible benefits associated with CBD oil for your dog, here’s our set of the most notable ten things you didn’t know to help you get started your research.

1. May help alleviate anxiousness inside our pets
Should anyone ever wonder why your dog acts differently if you are gone or if you are within an environment with a lot of noise, you might have a puppy that is suffering from anxiousness. Exactly like humans, however in a more sensitive state, dogs have noise phobias and can get anxious in environments which have too much taking place. However, dogs have a tendency to exhibit signs of stress in more subtle ways than we do, such as excessive panting, whining, and barking. (1)

Fortunately, CBD oil for dogs may help by allowing your dog’s body to relax and become relieved of tension. The soothing and calming agents in the cannabidiol compounds may give your dog a feeling of relaxation after ingestion.

2. May decrease the stress of chronic pain
In humans, cannabidiol, or CBD, works at stimulating your endocannabinoid system, which has a crucial role in controlling inflammation as well as your autoimmune response. In dogs, CBD works generally the same manner, as the endocannabinoid system functions similarly in every mammals. (2) CBD compounds within the cannabis plant have properties that might help fight swelling and stiffness, which cause pain for your dog.

Cannabinoids, with their anti-inflammatory effects, may reduce our dogs’ pain by stimulating the cannabinoid receptors within their brains and bodies. These neurotransmitters, which help keep your dog’s body balanced and functioning normally, are activated to permit your dog to feel more relaxed and calm. Visit:

3. Does not affect their state of mind
One of the most prominent concerns owners have raised about using CBD oil for dogs is the potential side effects usually associated with cannabis products. The glad tidings are that CBD products stem from industrial hemp plants, that are cultivated to acquire hardly any to no THC (tetrahydrocannabinol).

The psychoactive properties of cannabis products are actually only from the THC found mostly in marijuana plants. Although THC and CBD compounds are of the same plant families of cannabis, marijuana and hemp plants are vastly different. While marijuana and its own THC content can provide that “high” most people know cannabis for, CBD doesn’t have the same intoxicating properties.

Overall, hemp plants are most often known as a supplementary herb to build CBD oil for dogs and humans alike. It targets the overall well-being of your pet, providing them with healthful benefits without the side effects.

4. May help reduce episodes of seizures.
Seizures are not simply contained as a human experience; dogs can also suffer from them. It’s been estimated that up to five percent of the entire dog population is suffering from seizures and episodes of tremors.

As a dog owner, witnessing your pet experiencing seizure contractions is frightening and stressful. Most dogs are recommended medications that are potentially harmful in the long term. However, CBD oil for dogs has been observed to be always a useful alternative in reducing the frequency and duration of seizures.

Although many owners attended to swear by the use of CBD for the treatment of their pets’ seizures, a lot more research is necessary as to the way the cannabidiol compounds work to alleviate symptoms of seizure disorders. Until then, CBD oil for dogs is a significant option for our beloved close friends.

5. May enhance their digestive health.
As our furry best friends age or overcome a sickness or injury, their appetites and digestive health decline at a considerable rate. That is very unhelpful, as your dog needs just as much nutrition as they can get to recover. Many pet owners lose sleep over their dog’s tendency to vomit while on medications. The glad tidings are that CBD oil for dogs may help boost your pet’s appetite while regulating any gut medical issues. (6) Owners agree: once their pets start eating again as a result of consumption of CBD oil, their likelihood of full recovery seem to be more likely.

6. May have anti-inflammatory properties
Joint inflammation is a common malady in older dogs. It causes aches and sometimes unbearable pain. CBD oil for dogs has relieving properties that can target these aching joints, giving your pooch a break they deserve with cannabidiol’s anti-inflammatory effects. Actually, chronic inflammation that causes long-term pain and other difficulties can be comforted over time when CBD oil is utilized as part of your pet’s daily supplements.

7. Not all CBD oils for dogs are organic and natural products
Just as you’ll do your homework in research when searching for CBD supplements for yourself, it is essential to understand where you are purchasing your CBD oils for your dog. There is a vast selection of CBD oil brands on the marketplace, and they all have varying serving sizes and potencies.

When it comes to searching for CBD products, price isn’t always the best guarantee of any satisfactory product. There are various CBD oils for dogs that come from lesser-quality standards and cultivation methods; in fact, many brands are not organic products created naturally. A CBD oil product that isn’t organic and natural often means that pesticides and other toxic solvents are being used in the cultivation procedure for the hemp plants. Additionally, it may mean that the product may have a minimal CBD potency. Be sure to require lab analysis certifications if you are prepared to make your purchase.

8. May assist with lots of the same ailments as CBD oil for humans
As stated in previous points, CBD oil for dogs may offer the same anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving benefits as CBD supplements provides for humans. Issues with debilitating tremors, itchy skin, restlessness, chronic pain, ailments of the nervous system, and cardiovascular issues are are just some of the problems that may be aided by CBD products for dogs.

9. Could be ingested in a number of ways
CBD oil for dogs is not the tastiest of treats for your pets. In fact, it can be difficult to coax your fur-baby into taking it without masking the taste altogether. Luckily, there a wide range of means of ingesting CBD supplements for your pet, including treats, supplements to be sprinkled onto your pet’s regular meals, CBD topicals, and CBD tinctures.

When searching for different ways of providing CBD supplements for your pet, it is vital that you check the brand to ensure that the company is providing what it is advertising. A quick check with the FDA website and their warning letters towards a handful of brands that have falsely promoted their CBD-containing products will suffice.

Another important note is to watch out for THC levels in the several ways of ingestion of CBD oils for your pet. Although some THC content could cause minimal psychoactive reactions in humans, the same THC content can be fatal to your pets. That is as a result of higher variety of cannabinoid receptors in our dogs’ brains; the toxicity degrees of THC can be too much for the sensitivities of our own pets.

10. Ought to be administered in the right portion sizes
Your best option to help your dog ingest CBD oil for dogs can really be based upon your pet’s ailment, temperament, and feeding habits. Whatever choice you make, however, the critical factor to remember is usually that the dosage for your pet is not equivalent to the dosage you would give to a tiny child. Exactly like humans, all dogs have different tolerance levels.

You’ll want to get started on with minimal dosages and slowly work your way up until the simple truth is substantial relief for your pets over a protracted time frame. (9) It is strongly recommended that you talk to with a holistic vet who understands the benefits of using CBD oil for dogs, so you may most effectively treat your dog with the interests of CBD.

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CBD Oil for Dogs FAQ’s
Is CBD best for dogs? What exactly are the great things about CBD oil for dogs?
CBD for animals may help reduce the ramifications of nausea and excite your dog’s appetite. CBD is also a robust antioxidant that targets free radicals and toxins accountable for cell death. The beneficial oils in CBD oil may also help to soothe dry and itchy skin commonly caused by inflammatory skin conditions, though our products aren’t intended to diagnose or treat medical conditions.

Is CBD oil safe for dogs?
CBD oil for pets is made from the industrial hemp plant, which contains only trace elements of THC – the commonly known psychotropic compound within cannabis. CBD oil effects on dogs do not include any mind-altering properties.

Can your dog overdose on CBD?
There is absolutely no evidence on record to claim that dogs (or humans) can have a fatal overdose of CBD. However, if your dog does happen to gobble up a little extra pet CBD, they may desire a nap! CBD and other cannabis compounds contain biphasic properties, which means that effects may vary depending on the amount of CBD that is taken. For instance, if you’re wanting to stimulate your pup, then a tiny meal of CBD would be the most effective. For a far more sedative effect, higher portion sizes of CBD work best. While taking a sizable serving of CBD will not make your pet ill, it is important to begin out with small portion sizes and observe the effect it is wearing your pup, to be able to determine the best CBD meal for the desired outcome.

Can my dog get addicted to CBD oil?
Recent studies found that CBD oil is not addictive for humans or animals (2). Additionally, CBD for dogs comes from the industrial hemp plant, which does not contain active degrees of THC – the cannabinoid accountable for the psychoactive “high” effect. While this is a common concern for pet owners who are new to CBD, there is absolutely no known threat of your pet becoming high or dependent on pet CBD oil.

Is it legal to provide my dog CBD oil?
It really is legal to administer CBD oil to your pet, as long as it contains significantly less than 0.3% THC. In america (and many other countries across the world), CBD oil extracted from commercial hemp is legal, as it contains a THC level well below the legal limit of 0.3%. Because Herbal Renewals: CBD for Pets Blend is extracted from the professional hemp plant, you can make sure that it’s legal that you can purchase and serve to your dog.

Can CBD oil help relieve my dog’s pain?
Being a potential pain reliever, CBD functions by interrupting the pain signals between the brain and the body, so the feeling of pain may be reduced. CBD is also effective in reducing inflammation, which really is a common cause of chronic pain in dogs.

Does CBD oil help dogs with stress?
Dogs commonly experience stress when left alone, which can lead to behavioral issues. Loud noises, such as fireworks or loud machinery, can also cause your pet to become stressed. Or your dog could become stressed around crowds, or busy traffic or while interacting with children or strangers. Whatever the reason, CBD products for pets may help relieve feelings of stress and create a feeling of calm in your dog.

Can CBD oil aid in my dog’s digestive issues?
CBD oil may be an efficient way to alleviate digestive issues in dogs. Because CBD is so effective at reducing inflammation in the torso, CBD for animals could help reduce sensitivity and discomfort and control common digestive issues. However, our products aren’t intended to diagnose or cure any medical ailments or diseases.

My dog is experiencing loss of appetite. Can CBD oil help?
If your pet is experiencing loss of appetite and refusing to eat, CBD can help. Normal functioning of the digestive tract can be disrupted when the chemical signals that control hunger fall out of balance. As an all natural neuroprotectant and antioxidant, CBD may be able to slow excessive firing of chemical signals and help restore a wholesome appetite, though every animal differs and results may vary.

CBD also may help with reducing nausea. A 2011 study on the result of CBD in animals showed that CBD can interact with receptors in the mind to lessen vomiting and feelings of nausea in subjects (3).

Just how much CBD oil can I give my dog?
The recommended serving size of CBD differs depending on strength of the CBD oil and the scale and condition of your dog. As an oil, Herbal Renewals: CBD Oil for Pets Blend is simple to manage and comes packaged with a convenient dropper applicator for accurate dispensing.

To find the correct serving size of CBD oil for your pet, simply weigh your dog and calculate as instructed. An over-all rule for just one meal is three drops of CBD oil for every 10 pounds (or 5kg) of weight. For example, a 20-pound pup would want about six drops of CBD oil per portion. It really is safe to manage CBD oil to your pet up to three times per day.

For dogs who are not used to CBD, we recommend you start with a smaller serving size and observing the consequences after about quarter-hour. As CBD hemp oil for dogs is totally safe without side effects, you can safely serve your dog additional drops before optimum result is achieved.

Can I add CBD oil to my dog’s food?
We find that a lot of dogs love the natural, hempy flavor of Herbal Renewals: CBD Oil for Pets Blend, if a dog is a fussy eater, the flavor can be disguised with the addition of it to your dog’s meal. Simply use the dropper to drizzle the CBD oil onto the dog food. Alternatively, CBD pet treats are another smart way to supplement your dog’s diet with CBD. Visit:

Do veterinarians support giving CBD to dogs?
While there is limited scientific research into the ramifications of CBD on dogs, some vets recommend CBD oil as a substitute option to help address problems like pain and inflammation and promote good brain and heart health in pets (4). Because hemp-derived CBD is legal, it is available as a food supplement with no need for a prescription. Herbal Renewals: CBD for Pets Blend is extracted from professional hemp, making it safe and impressive for dogs. Actually, many users rate it as the best CBD oil for pets. If your dog is on any prescribed medications, please seek approval from your veterinarian before adding CBD with their diet.

Where may i buy CBD oil for dogs?
When you’re shopping for CBD oil for your dog, it’s important to purchase from a credible source. As a world-leading supplier of CBD products, Healthy Hemp Oil is a reliable and certified vendor of most things CBD. We take pride in stocking only the best quality products and providing customers with superior service. All of the products inside our store undergo strict lab testing by an authorized to ensure that they meet our high quality and potency standards. We also offer a 90-day money-back guarantee to make sure that you, as well as your pets, are satisfied with the product quality and results of the products. We’ve received a large number of CBD hemp oil reviews and testimonials from happy customers sharing their CBD success stories. We encourage you to check on them out!

Prepared to buy CBD oil for your pet?
If your pet has any of the ailments mentioned previously, or if you have any more questions concerning how you can offer the very best quality of life for your furry best ally, it’s necessary to go directly to the right sources to find your answers. If you are considering adding CBD to your dog’s day to day routine, e mail us today or leave a comment below so we can answer all your questions.