Advantages of ICT solution

It had been not until down the road in my coaching career that the word Information and Communication Technology (ICT) materialised before me and exposed my eyes from what this meant in education. The word ICT simplified means any technology that is due to information and communication.

Information will come in many varieties such as audio, video, words, and images, so when you think of what technology it is offered that produces these areas of information and sometimes a combo of most these, we make reference to such technology as cell phones, digital cameras, camcorders for example.

Today information and communication solutions are the the one thing so the repertoire of solutions expands further to encompass pcs and computer-related products, email, MMS, and other varieties of communication (Finger et al., 2007).
The Need for ICT in Education
Today we need not go any more than our very own home or even room, to see some type of ICT inside our lives. Whether your personal computer, plasma Television set, or cellular phone, we all keep these things in a few part in our lives. In today’s modern culture, people as consumers of ICT, all shoot for the one fantasy – the imagine a linked life.

This makes ICT a lifestyle choice for a lot of the population. Furthermore, this lifestyle choice is changing just how we converse, increasing the pace of consumerism, and changing how exactly we interact and get information.

ICT has invaded and altered many areas of our lives to the amount that we stay in a host that is dominated by technology which itself is consumer-driven (Semenov, 2005). Regardless of how we understand its presence, there is absolutely no denying that it’s an important part of your lives and that it’s here to remain.

Advantage of Lesedi ICT solution

1.Communication – Rate / time – money can be kept because it’s more speedily to go information around. By using ICT it is becoming quicker and better.

2. Globalization – Video recording conferencing will save you money on plane tickets and accommodation. ICT hasn’t only helped bring the countries and folks closer mutually, but they have allowed the world’s overall economy to become solo interdependent system to get hold of the business or relative.

3. Cost success – It seems absolve to send a contact (though it isn’t); it’s unquestionably cheaper than calls. ICT in addition has helped to automate business methods, thus restructuring businesses to make sure they are exceptionally affordable.

4.Greater Supply – ICT has managed to get easy for businesses to be programmed giving clients usage of a site or voicemail 24 hours per day, seven days a week

5.Bridging the ethnical distance – Greater usage of technology has helped to bridge the ethnical gap by supporting folks from different civilizations to talk to one another, and invite for the exchange of views and ideas, thus increasing recognition and lowering prejudice.

6.Creation of new careers – Probably, the best good thing about ICT has been the creation of new and interesting careers.

7.Education – Computer’s with their programs and the web have created educational opportunities unavailable to previous years.

8.Through ICT , images may easily be utilized in coaching and bettering the retentive memory space of student.9.Complex framework – through ICT, professors can simply describe complex structure ,training and ensure students understanding.

10.Through ICT , instructors have the ability to create interactive classrooms and make the lessons more enjoyable..