Benefits of Mosquito Misting System

During summer time break, it’s not easy to keep your kids indoors because children just love having a great time and staying out-of-doors. However, for parents, making children play out-of-doors during the summer is often the most having to worry ordeal, typically, because of two reasons. The first being the scorching high temperature which can dehydrate children and lead to heat stress and secondly, the mosquitoes that are regarded as a leading reason behind diseases. And did you know that over 1 million people perish from mosquito vectored diseases annually, worldwide?

If you’ve tried resorting to mosquito control products like citronella candles and mosquito sprays to avoid them from invading your premises of course, if they’ve proven to be ineffective, then we suggest you install mosquito misting system on your turf.

Benefits of outdoor bug misting systems
This mosquito misting system is no ordinary system. It is the most dependable and effective solution to keep mosquitoes from your property, the kids safe from vector borne diseases, and let’s not forget, a terrific way to make a cool area for kids to experiment with without feeling dehydrated.

A mosquito misting system is created specifically and engineered to get rid of mosquitoes. It offers an excellent mist of insecticide, specifically formulated for low toxicity for both humans and animals. That is released through the nozzles installed around the boundary of your premises. The insecticide is sprayed at pre-set time intervals, which helps you keep your property clear of biting and stinging insects including mosquitoes, wasps, and flies for example.

A mosquito misting system also gives homeowners the overall flexibility and ease to put nozzles anywhere across the perimeter of the backyard and in landscaping areas, where you think mosquitoes are prevalent the most.

As mosquito repellent and control products that are not merely ineffective at times but additionally require continuous investment which can be quite costly, a mosquito insect control mist system is a onetime investment that provides guaranteed results – getting rid of mosquitoes and keeping them from your premises.