Benefits to Waterproofing Your Commercial Roof

Waterproofing a commercial roof is not as drastic as an entire tear-off and replacement, but is a bit more involved than spot repair work. Waterproofing offers six distinct advantages to the careful commercial property owner.

#1: Economy
roof top waterproofing, where an acrylic, urethane or silicone spray coating is applied together with your existing single-ply or built-up roof, is far less expensive than facing tear-off and replacement of the complete roof.

#2: Energy Efficiency
Waterproof spray coatings can be formulated with highly reflective ingredients, so infrared radiation for sunlight is bounced back, away from your building. This lowers cooling costs, helping you save money.

Some waterproofing and reflective coatings may be eligible for rebate programs, increasing your net gain. Energy Star certified products, from the federal program, frequently have warranties that not only guarantee energy efficiency, they improve the useful life of your existing roof.

#3: Increased Lifespan
A roof, especially in south Florida, that repels heat will last far longer than one that absorbs heat. It is because the waterproofing that helps reflect heat keeps the chemicals in the roof intact. The chemicals and polymers do not breakdown as they might over a hot roof.

#4: Cooler Comfort
With lower heat absorption from waterproofing, your whole commercial property stays cooler, increasing employee and customer comfort. Cooler employees tend to be more productive. Comfortable customers will linger and return, driving up sales.

#5: Decreased Humidity
Waterproofing at its simplest, of course, stops water infiltration. When crackling, shrinkage or seam separation can result in roof leaks, waterproofing puts an end to all or any those headaches. With less water finding its way into the building, humidity drops. Less humid air cools more efficientlyl and greater comfort at higher temperatures.

#6: Simplified Maintenance
A waterproof coating atop your existing roof membrane, modified bitumen or built-up roof becomes far simpler to repair and keep maintaining. Repairs will be smaller and less extensive, with fewer problem spots to tie up your overworked facilities crew.