Shenzhen Li-ion Electric Battery Industry

Lithium power sector in China’s advancement and it is closely linked to cellular phone batteries, and lithium power sector is guided by way of a group of personal enterprises.

At the moment, China is among the most world’s largest producers of lithium electric battery production bases. China’s lithium-ion electric battery producers in Guangdong, Tianjin, Shandong, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and other areas. At the moment, the Guangdong area from the lithium creation already makes up about 75% of the united states, as the Shenzhen accounted for 70% of the united states.

Melody Ding Technology Co., Ltd., Shenzhen, Key Engineer, Dr. Du Hongyan, China’s lithium-based power sector started in 1997 possess gone through an unbiased research and advancement to learn in the introduction from the industrialization of the street. Got into since 2001, using the Shenzhen BYD, Banke batteries, lithium-ion electric battery company’s speedy rise, China’s lithium power sector has started to enter fast-growth stage. In 2002, China’s lithium electric battery crossed the 100 million tag, accounting for 12% of global marketplace talk about. In 2007, China’s creation of lithium-ion electric battery has reached a lot more than 1.4 billion, which China’s domestic producers of lithium-ion batteries at about 1 billion roughly, BYD’s lithium-ion electric battery industry in the field has usage of the planet top 5. Lately, China’s lithium-ion electric battery producers worldwide market talk about steady at around 34%, with Japan companies to create a lithium-ion electric battery creation in par development.

“Lithium battery sector as cell phones, computer systems supporting industrial advancement together, Baoan cellular phone, both in the pc industry can be a manufacturing bottom, the corresponding lithium electric battery businesses are mainly concentrated in Shenzhen, Shenzhen, today a lot more than 1,500 connected with lithium batteries business, which concentrated over fifty percent of Baoan. “Du Hongyan presented.

At the moment, the lithium electric battery business on the forefront from the Longgang Region, which led to BYD, BAK two world-class production companies, as the lithium electric battery industry Bao’an is normally relatively focused area, with B & K, Lei times, Melody ting, etc. using the lithium-related businesses. On the other hand, lithium power sector related equipment processing companies are mainly focused in Baoan, along with the upstream and lithium battery-related businesses are more.

“Baoan has shaped a comparatively complete industrial string of lithium batteries, and is continuing to grow into China’s largest rechargeable electric battery industrial foundation.” Within the “Third HIGHER LEVEL Forum within the South China Lithium-Ion electric battery (International Yr)” using one industry source stated.

Matching on the market, the Shenzhen Town jiyang Automation Technology Co., Ltd. General Supervisor Yang Ru-Kun launched, lithium power market is very solid string, from upstream components, in the long run equipment manufacturing, towards the downstream from the electric battery production, software, both in the Bao’an to get coordinating businesses. Applied in such areas within a wider range, including cell phones, laptop computers, digital camera models and high-end electrical car marketplace, lithium power are excellent advancement potentials. Baoan Li-industry businesses have full power come together to make a national foundation for lithium power market concentration.

Furthermore, Baoan also centered on several R & D capability and independent intellectual property legal rights from the lithium business. Such as for example Shenzhen B & K Electric powered Co., Ltd. Li-ion current R & D tasks launched a lot more than 100, which a lot more than 40 requested a nationwide patent. B & K is just about the annual result value greater than 300 million yuan as well as the group of lithium batteries R & D, creation and product sales of large-scale high-tech businesses. The relevant data, B & K is continuing to grow in to the world’s most significant producers of lithium batteries, the merchandise sold in a lot more than 20 countries and areas world-wide, accounting for 8% of global marketplace share.

This reporter found that, as a specialist Li-ion power development business, B & K has completed its listing counseling services within the next time frame, will become the very first landing within the Mainland currency markets lithium business.

“The necessity to develop supportive plans and harmonization of complex standards”

“At present, the introduction of battery-powered electric powered automobiles have become the primary trends on the planet automotive industry, the introduction of new energy automobiles in China is just about the consensus of traditional technology, within the car behind additional countries, however in study and advancement of new energy automobiles weighed against the developed countries, nearly on a single starting collection. “Baoan a entrepreneur would go through the development of fresh energy automobiles.

“Within the lithium electric battery market, the Shenzhen walk in leading of the complete country, and shaped a profound historical build up, with a solid R & D features. Lithium electric battery research and advancement, but mainly focused in several large lithium electric battery business, as well as the percentage of R & D expense is not high . As a starting place high, technically challenging industries rely exclusively on the power of enterprises continues to be limited. “CAO Jian launched.

“In the brand new energy automobiles, its future continues to be strong momentum we’ve noticed, the sung-ting can be involved with R & D beforehand, but zero corresponding products turn out, but also await the market’s response, once mature, the insight creation. “Du Hongyan stated. It is comprehended that because the Song-ting businesses, Baoan many businesses begin to concentrate on lithium-electric vehicle study and advancement of fresh energy leavened dough.

After the financial meltdown, governments have increased for new energy vehicles in support, in March, U.S. Chief executive Obama authorized an financial stimulus bundle for 2015 America’s fresh energy vehicles creation capacity to attain 10 million per year how big is . At exactly the same time, Nissan, Toyota, Mercedes-Benz as well as other car giants also have moved into brand-new energy cars ample R & D and creation continued.

In January of the year, the Country wide Advancement and Reform Commission, Ministry of Research and Preparation, introduced a fresh energy vehicles, based on planning requirements, by 2020 the proportion of China’s brand-new energy vehicles accounted for 1 / 2 of the automobile, about 65 million. Shenzhen BYD released dual-mode cars, brand-new energy vehicles have already been walking on earth.

Chinese language Academy of Anatomist, YANG Yu-sheng said that, from a specialized viewpoint, three years, could be produced about the same charge of China’s 15-tiny guarantee car 300 to 400 kilometers of power lithium battery, and the amount of charge cycles (cycle life) as much as 2000 times, increase to 120 km / h, which brand-new energy vehicles for the introduction of technical assurance.

However, some professionals have concerns, in comparison with foreign countries, the domestic advancement of fresh energy vehicles continues to be inadequate foundation is quite weak, once to seize the possibilities of foreign businesses spent R & D and industrialization, chances are to make use of its solid capital and brand benefit of effective allocation of global assets, new energy automobiles in neuro-scientific widening the distance.

“Have to support countries to formulate procedures and harmonization of nationwide technical specifications and enhance the corresponding supporting great.” YANG Yu-sheng.

“Shenzhen in brand-new energy sources to be able to seize the possibilities, we have to setup a study and development middle, a assortment of different corporations R & D power and talents jointly to create a lithium power technology analysis and development bottom, in order to end up being technically and worldwide big business to compete. Being a Lithium-Ion electric battery production corporations, the creation sector could be transferred to various other regions, however the R & D section should be in Shenzhen. “CAO Jian released.

Baoan should focus on new energy-related support policies

Shenzhen lithium power sector in Shenzhen provides been the advancement of interest in Sept, Shenzhen, introduced the “preparation” and “measures.” “Preparation” has remarked that Shenzhen into a significant bottom for the country’s brand-new energy industry along with a pioneer in metropolitan low-carbon overall economy by 2015, the city’s brand-new energy industry can be the brand new pillar industry, creation worth will reach 2500 billion yuan.

“Procedures” proposed, beginning in ’09 2009, 7 consecutive years, like the fresh energy market set up to aid emerging sectors, including special money, special money for major tasks in Shenzhen high-tech, technology and technology R & D financing, technological progress, monetary and municipal monetary year will concentrate on the 500 million yuan to aid the brand new energy market, concentrating on industrial technology study and development, lab construction, product software, project assistance, employees training, promotion and advertising. For the Shenzhen corporations, universities and study institutions to defend myself against fresh areas of the power market, nationwide, provincial R & D and industrialization tasks to undertake Country wide Engineering Laboratory, Essential Laboratory of additional construction tasks, unique funds will get a optimum 15 million yuan to aid or funding assisting .

To be able to introduce and develop fresh energy industry experts, “measures” also offers fresh energy experts can enjoy casing, spouse employment, kids in school, educational training allowances along with other preferential policies to handle post-doctoral work in the deep workstation or cellular station to provide a one-time 500,000 yuan subsidy, innovation and awarded 20 million to finance a one-time bases, and post-doctoral personnel give a living allowance. Furthermore, the introduction of Shenzhen, the creation of fresh energy market related professional organizations will get only 1000 million in financing earmarked for the relevant teaching products and training foundation building.

Shenzhen’s new energy support plans already set up, however the relevant helping policies Bao’an Area has not however followed up.

“Lithium power industry corporations as high-tech industries ought to be the Government’s interest, however the Bao’an Region Federal government in lithium power industry hasn’t however introduced the relevant helping policies, the federal government should target human resources. At the moment, our company isn’t 100% R & D group in Shenzhen home population, retain skill, companies have to make great initiatives, while they’re subject to evaluation in the name of family members registration restrictions. federal government support for commercial development, the main element would be to support skill, skill with the organization of scientific analysis strength, have the ability to walk before . “Du Hongyan stated.

A lithium battery professional remarked that, recently, introduced the three largest sector in Shenzhen to aid the plan, namely, brand-new energy, the web and biotechnology sectors, and advantages of the brand new energy sector may be the most prominent place, Baoan, Longgang, however in the brand new field of energy possess gone ahead within the Bao’an If we usually do not attach more importance Baoan, Shenzhen Daxin 3 supported sector, Bao Sheng is going to be difficult to talk about the fruit of these.

“Baoan high-tech companies have relevant procedures and support, but also for large projects, it really is difficult to advantage, but also for the companies, the main element to advancement is usually the execution of several major projects, the federal government should lithium power sector includes a far-sighted character of the look.” CAO Jian-hua stated.

The policy ought to be forward-looking

Lithium power sector can be an emerging sector, as a significant part of brand-new energy resources would be the upcoming of cars, electric powered vehicles as well as other clean power resources. Lithium-Ion electric battery will drive the introduction of several brand-new energy industries along the forming of the commercial chain will type a new financial growth point. When confronted with this sector trend, the federal government must have a forward-looking, from the near future commercial advancement of a proper design, to seize the brand new sector development opportunities.

Lithium-Ion battery is certainly closely related to people’s lifestyle, such as cell phones, computer systems, digital items, their way to obtain energy supplied by the lithium. Upcoming, the lithium may also generate momentum to handle the automotive, electric powered vehicles as well as other energy needs.

Whenever a turmoil has always led the rise of brand-new sectors. New energy sector, is rolling out in international countries for quite some time in China’s advancement has for quite a while, until more may be the enterprise adjust to financial developments in the energy industry to construct lithium. Nevertheless, the recent overall economy, so that nationwide enterprises and government authorities feel the significance of brand-new energy sources, producing the nationwide government has presented policies to aid the introduction of brand-new energy industries, the introduction of brand-new energy sources may also play a catalytic function.

At the moment, the domestic viewpoint, competition between cities can be the introduction of fresh energy sources, plus some by virtue of resources in to the lithium electric battery industry, such as for example Jiangxi Yichun; while Shandong, Henan and other areas, it really is by virtue of their state enterprises began starting place prefix mixed up in advancement of lithium power market; and Shenzhen, it really is an excellent market-oriented by virtue of the part of the federal government, with cell phones, computers along with other ancillary items, the spontaneous development of several lithium electric battery business, this advancement momentum, producing Shenzhen lithium electric battery business well adjust to marketplace demand, and these businesses are mostly personal enterprises, includes a great marketplace flexibility, once positive about work at home opportunities is the period itself to enter, to talk about the development possibilities brought brand-new industries, making lithium-power sector in Shenzhen in various other related industries created on the foundation, with an excellent industrial base.

These, we are in need of the government have the ability to see at the earliest opportunity. At the moment, Shenzhen as well as other cities have already been contending for the introduction of lithium power sector, Shenzhen by virtue to the fact that many big businesses lithium. The Baoan Region, supporting industries within the lithium electric battery may be the most comprehensive and most in a position to play a respected function in lithium power sector, but that one, Longgang walk in leading. Regardless of the Baoan even more concentrated lithium creation enterprises, these companies are mostly item handling, and in R & D, etc. don’t have the insight power. The Longgang by virtue of both big businesses, walk in the forefront of analysis and development, talk about in Shenzhen to aid the three main industries in another of them.

When the relevant plan, Baoan not yet manifested an excellent industrial base, good industrial helping advantages, aren’t fully utilized, is going to be further behind within the Longgang, as well as other cities.

One business owner said that the introduction of lithium power sector should be closely related to the industry, helping the future advancement of the automotive timing of main new energy resources, but there is absolutely no one linked to car companies, Baoan, that will inevitably trigger the lithium-power sector to migrate toward vehicle-populated areas. At the moment, the BAK-related sectors the company has recently transferred to Tianjin.

As a result, Baoan lithium power sector should be particular sufficient focus on the advancement, with forward-looking method of the layout from the advancement of lithium power sector, power sector to create a lithium concentration of base, not merely to keep carefully the lithium battery business, can be up for lithium-electric vehicles, lack of fresh energy package complications in the brand new around of industrial advancement in the combat for a discovery.