5 Changes Responsible for Transforming the Contemporary SEO Strategies

It would be an understatement to say that professional search engine optimization (SEO) has come a long way right since its invention in the 1990s. There were times when SEO professionals had only a single concern – comprehensive keyword research and its insertion into each page of their websites. Needless to say, the websites that were cramped with hundreds of keywords used to rank first on all the major search engine pages; however the quality of the content served was always questionable.

As for keywords, in many cases, the primitive bots of search engines used to give them even underserved rankings while the websites with high-quality content often lacked the desired rankings. 

In case you also had been an SEO professional working for the SEO Companies, then you might have a good idea about how and why life was so effortless in those years. However, in its 2 decades of existence, SEO has witnessed so many drastic changes.

This blog sheds light on what changes have come into the field of professional SEO and how the providers of SEO services in Noida are reworking on their means and ways of promoting businesses online:

  1. Shift from black hat to white hat

In the early years, keyword stuffing used to be the sole activity in SEO, and for various reasons, this formula worked very effectively and efficiently. But today excessive keyword insertion has been categorized as black hat SEO for which a large number of websites are panelized every day by the search engine giant Google and various others. Google has been releasing a comprehensive range of updates to its algorithms, and the digital marketing professionals across the globe who were dependent upon black hat SEO practices saw themselves cut down to their size.

Some of the major activities included in black hat SEO were:

  • Excessive keyword stuffing
  • Posting of machine-generated content or duplicate content
  • Hidden text and doorway or gateway pages
  • Cloaking and paid or manipulative links
  • Misused structured data and rich snippets
  • Misleading redirects
  • Negative SEO.

The algorithm updates such as Panda, Penguin, and various others have made all the black hat practices irrelevant and unfruitful adopted by the leading providers of SEO services in Noida and other parts of the country. 

  1. The focus on user experience

There were times when the only purpose of the SEO professionals associated with the SEO Companies was to achieve high rankings. And inspired and enthused by the same, they used to make all efforts to please search engines without any concern for the quality of content. For instance, just a single piece of content was posted on more than 40 websites. In simple words, SEO in the olden days did not have any focus on overall user experience. 

On the other hand, after a couple of years, great user experience occupied a prominent position in the search ranking factor. Google has now created a clear-cut policy according to which only the websites providing the best user experience will be provided with high rankings. It simply means the providers of SEO services in Noida and other parts of the country will now have to place high-quality content with a strong focus on long-tail keywords.  

2. The rise of the phenomenon called voice search

 The rise of the phenomenon called voice search has impacted SEO in a very positive light. Hardly around 20 years ago, who could have thought that the searchers could carry out all the searches just by raising their voice? Today, we are living in a world where smart speakers are dominating all walks of life. Keeping in view the rise of voice search, the providers of SEO services in Noida and other parts of the country are optimizing their digital marketing campaigns accordingly. It is estimated that by the end of the year 2022, more than half of the searches will be coming from voice search. 

3. Mobile responsiveness of websites

 Around 2 decades ago when the revolutionary concept of SEO came into existence, the mobile internet was not such a significant thing at all. But now things have drastically changed and smartphone users across the globe have surpassed the number of conventional desktop and laptop users. Apart from all other new changes, mobile responsiveness has become a prerequisite for any website to be commercially successful in cyberspace. 

As a result, the phenomenon called Mobile-First Index is quite imperative for professionals associated with the SEO Companies and other parts of the country to increase the responsiveness of their websites while giving them a top priority in all their digital marketing campaigns. 

4. Changed Approach towards Backlinks

As far as search engine rankings are concerned, backlinks have always been playing a pivotal role. Backlinks are the only thing that Google always encourages websites to get as many as they can. Then unscrupulous professionals associated even with the SEO Companies started misusing the leeway provided by Google by adopting tactics such as making use of link farms as well as link buying.

Google took a lot of time to address such issues but after it made certain changes to its algorithms, countless websites across the globe were panelized with no hope of recovery at all. Such websites disappeared from the search engine rankings within a few days because of their fabricated, unnatural, inorganic, and paid backlinks. 

The changes made in the algorithms by Google also changed the mindset and approach of the SEO professionals working for the SEO Companies. They had to shift their attention from quantity to quality when it comes to making backlinks. Now each provider of SEO services in Noida and other parts of the country is working hard to get only qualitative backlinks from websites that have high authority.  

Concluding Remarks

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